When You’re Done With The Shower, Can You Still Have A Bath?

Here’s a thought. Maybe many of you reading this are not saddled with such dilemmas. Should I have a shower tonight or could I afford the luxury of a nice hot bath, seeing as it’s so cold out there and it’s been such a long day. Goodness, gracious me! Most folks reading this are far too busy these days, and the shower will do quite fine, thank you very much. And good for them, it can be supposed, because they’re not really letting much water go to waste.

Or are they? Try having a conversation with those readers tonight who are today plagued by water restrictions as a result of severe droughts and other factors brought about by climate change and global warming. If you live in an area that continues to enjoy its abundance of rainfall, you may not be experiencing severe water shortages. But you may have noticed an uptick in your water bills. Not only is water a scarce resource that needs to be preserved, it’s also a rich resource, if that makes any sense to you.

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Look at it this way, heavily congested areas, your heavily populated urban centers, remain vulnerable to water pressure points. If no control is in place, taps could one day run dry. And it has happened before. Give yourself a shower update st louis mo for your specific county and learn how you can improve your domestic water reticulation system almost overnight. And don’t give up on the hot bath if that’s still your dream. Because who knows, you could create your own catchment area and reuse your collected water any way you choose to.

You are not wasting water. You are recycling and reusing it.