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The Harder The Flooring, The Better The Result?

Woodworkers, of course, already know the result. If not woodworkers, then cabinetmakers or carpenters. To the layman or woman, it is probably all the same. Hardwood flooring contractors Clifton will be directly associated with said woodworkers, cabinetmakers and carpenters. And so you know, their roles do differ. Woodworkers are generalized practitioners. They also prepare the hardboards that will be brought to your home or business directly in their workshops or factories. Cabinetmakers are more specialized in the manner that they carry out their artisanal work. And of course, yes, they are building cabinets.

And not just cabinets per se, but cupboards, drawing boards, tables, chairs, beds, chests of drawers, you name it, anything that you can think of that is made from wood. Staircase banisters too. And, of course, hardwood floorboards. They are specially prepared in the factory’s workshop areas. They will be delivered to homes and businesses exactly as ordered. And once delivered to the homes and businesses, the work only begins. Now the installation process must begin. The woodworkers or carpenters will be utilizing a few handheld tools to guide their artisanal processes to finesse. But essentially, these men are still working by hand, just like your pioneers always did so many years ago.

Hardwood flooring contractors Clifton

The harder the floorboards, the longer they will last. Special coatings are used to strengthen and protect the wood from years of wear and tear and all the elements. Coatings are also applied as the customers specify. Some may wish for a nice varnished look, allowing the wood’s natural look and grain to shine through. While others may wish for a complete paint job, in any color of their choosing. And then there are those who still wish to enjoy their hardwood bare and in the rough.